Hypersistence is a software company offering optimization software, training, and consulting about high-performance enterprise applications.

The CEO of the company is Vlad Mihalcea, who is a Java Champion and one of the top Hibernate ORM committers.

Our main product is the Hypersistence Optimizer framework, which allows you to detect JPA and Hibernate mapping and configuration issues. With Hypersistence Optimizer, you can focus more on your business logic instead of hunting Hibernate performance issues.

Check out the following video demonstration to get a better idea of how Hypersistence Optimizer can help you speed up your application.

If you are interested in being taught by a Hibernate expert, then check out the training offerings.

You can also hire us to review your application and tell you how to optimize it. For more details, check out the consulting page.

We also provide books and video courses on performance optimization. All in all, if you’re interested in speeding up your database application, you’ve come to the right place.